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Blushed by Tami 

Tami's love for makeup has manifested in her on line of high quality cosmetics.  Blushed by Tami is perfect for everyone's makeup bag.  Products that are high quality and reasonably priced.  You won't have to visit the makeup counter anymore.  Visit our online store for more information on products you'll love.
Natural Skin Care that makes a difference
Although Blushed does carry a nice skincare product Tami's first choice is DoTerra Skin care. This is a natural skin care that nourishes without using harsh chemicals or abrasive treatments.  This line has 3 different options for different skin types.  Verage for all skin types, Anti-aging for more mature skin and hd clear for the more troubled skin.  
Tami is a Wellness Advocate and believes in approaching our health and skin care in a whole manner not just a holistic manner.  If you'd like more information please just ask or to purchase visit our  online store.  

Feel free to ask your makeup artist for a sample.  
Professional Makeup for everyone! 
SKIN CARE free of harmful chemicals
It takes less than a minute for chemicals from skin care products to get into your blood stream. That is why we set out to develop a super effective, free of harmful chemicals skin care line. This line produces such significant results that women all over the country are switching to LimeLight and not only are they looking better on the outside, they are healthier on the inside as well.
Tami is a direct distributor of Limelight by Alcone.  She's been using their products for sometime and is always asked "How do I get that!!" So to make it simple head over to her Limelight by Alcone website.

Another amazing choice for skin prep for brides is from a line by Sonia Roselli.  Sex-a-peel is a phenomenal liquid exfoliant.  If you'd like to try what Tami uses for skin prep click on the photo to go to an affiliate link.  
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