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  • By Tami Krebs
  • 22 Mar, 2017

Why its the perfect choice for your wedding day!

I've had several brides this year who have wanted to hear a bit more information about airbrush makeup and how it translates for them on their wedding day.  As a company, we've chosen to exclusively use airbrush makeup.  There's are several reasons for that and I'll address them in this blog.  So hopefully I'll be able to answer your questions and you'll be convinced airbrush is the only way to wear your makeup for your big day!

What is Airbrush makeup?  
Airbrush makeup artistry is a patented makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air to spray on a fine mist of makeup. It is the preferred technique for digital photography, high definition TV, and bridal work. Airbrushing makeup provides a camera ready velvety texture that lays on the skin in an even, misted pattern, creating the most natural finish to the naked eye that’s virtually invisible on the digital screen.
It is lightweight and is preferred for the marathons that are our weddings these days.  Airbrush makeup will last up to 24 hours.  So, you won't have to worry about it melting off you.  Airbrush is also water-resistant (and some product is waterproof), it also is non-transferable. This means it won't end up on your guests as you hug them and greet them or have the intimate moment with your husband! 

Airbrush has grown in popularity because of advances in digital photography and high definition video, which bring every feature and flaw into focus. Most brides are designating a significant portion of their budget to photography.  You'll have those photos forever.  And airbrush bridal makeup provides beautiful, flawless coverage, minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural finished result. Even in high-def, you’ll look naturally, radiantly beautiful. And because it’s water resistant and lasts all day and well into the night, airbrushing is perfect for bridal makeup. 

Can everyone use airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is suitable for people of all ages and every skin condition. The makeup is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. In fact, airbrush makeup is the only makeup that is suitable for the new “High Definition” standard in film and photography.  If you have dry skin we prep with moisture and airbrush goes on beautifully. For oily skin, we prep with a mattifying primer to ensure that the matte finish stays that way.  The artist makes all the difference in how your skin is prepped and your skin made ready for accepting makeup.  Columbus Wedding Makeup artists are experienced and seasoned to work with all skin types and to make sure the application is successful and beautiful.  


  • Custom blended foundation colors
  • Creates a flawless complexion
  • Lasts all day & night
  • Water-based & hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol & oil free
  • Sweat, smear & tear resistant
  • Photographs beautifully

 I hope this helps as you search for the beauty team for your big day! Using an artist that has the knowledge, professionalism and skill are very important for your wedding day.  You have lots of things to think about and your makeup shouldn't be one of them! Let us do that!

A flawless finish is our goal!

Columbus Wedding Makeup & Hair

By Tami Krebs 30 Oct, 2017
I would say there are two colors we've seen more than anything this last year or two.  Blue and Blush.  Blush is by far done so well and has some beautiful variations.   Every shade of blush adds a gorgeous element of airiness and fluidity.  This color is perfect for spring and summer weddings.  I think this year we'll see more vibrant color, but we love the lighter colors too! I've featured a few of the beautiful wedding parties we've had the privilege of doing hair and makeup! Enjoy! 
By Tami Krebs 18 Oct, 2017
Continuing my series of featured artists, next up, Stephanie! Stephanie is the other half of me.  She is the one who I go to bounce ideas off of, make decisions with and she is the one who has helped me grow Columbus Wedding Makeup & Hair to what it is today! And last but not least she is our Lead Stylist & Makeup artist!
Stephanie and I met at a wedding almost 4 years ago.  My best friend was helping me do a very large wedding and the hair stylist for the bride had asked Stephanie to help her.  I generally am all business at a wedding so I am pretty quiet.  But not my friend and she started chatting with the stylist next to her.  It was Stephanie and thank goodness she did!! We exchanged information and that was it! We were a team! 

Stephanie's talent is diverse.  Not only does she do hair, she does makeup too!  Her brides always love her flexibility and her easy going spirit.  Her work is absolutely beautiful.  We also love that she is efficient, fast and a huge asset to the team here at CWMH! If you choose Stephanie for your wedding, she most likely can handle the whole wedding party alone.  She is magic! 

Stephanie is a licensed cosmetologist for over 17 years and works, the other days of the week she isn't with us, at Salon Local on W. 5th in the Grandview area. 

Please let us know if you'd like Stephanie to be your artist for your special day!  Here is some of Stephanie's featured work.  
By Tami Krebs 16 Oct, 2017
Our brides for 2017 have been more diverse than any other year we've been in business.  We've been thrilled to see some non-traditional weddings this year and hope that there are more to come.  A few months ago we had a lovely bride take on a more vintage feel with her wedding theme and even wore a stunning red dress.  
By Tami Krebs 03 Oct, 2017
You may have noticed we do makeup and hair.  Almost 4 years ago I met an amazing hair stylist.  She has taught me so much.  I rely on her to do her magic and her addition to our team has been irreplaceable.  There's no doing this whole thing without Stephanie.  Stephanie is an amazing professional. She does both hair & makeup and enjoys doing both! We've also added a few other artists and stylists in the recent years.   

It has been wonderful to see the growth in my company.  But as my company has grown in our business so has who we are as a team.  We are a dually talented team.  We do makeup and we do hair.  There are more and more people are out there doing our craft, some legitimately good artists, and some just flash of the moment enthusiasts that don't care about this industry or really clients for that matter.  There is even a company out there that has admitted to me they wanted to steal my company name. Wow! 

So as all of this has gone on I felt the need to display the progression we've made as a company.  To show how we are set apart from ALL the others.  We are a company that has a team that is professional, talented and we do MAKEUP & HAIR.  So I decided our logo should reflect that.  

I hope you all love the change.  Please let me know what you think! It will take me a week or so to roll out the new logo, but I wanted to share with those who visit our website first.  

By Tami Krebs 30 Aug, 2017
Blogging is hard for me. Keeping up and with all our brides and finding themes that would be interesting and as well tracking down photos worthy of a blog make a recipe for "crickets".  But then today I got inspired by my amazing team! So I've decided to start a series about our amazing artists! 
First up . . . Lindsey! 
Lindsey comes to us via Chicago.  She contact me a few years ago and we connected.  I didn't realize at the time what an asset she would be.  In 2017 Lindsey's brides have not just been gushing about Lindsey, but they've been the highest referral rate we have.  There's something absolutely special about Lindsey... and I know what it is.  She swoons over weddings.  There are times, that I can actually be very business like with weddings (I'm sorry... lol).  It isn't as warm as I'd like to convey.  But not Lindsey... she swoons, I tell you swoons, over weddings, brides and every detail around each wedding.  She could talk about and go over wedding details for hours.  She loves seeing photos of weddings. She 100% enjoys engaging with our brides and the bride knows it.  
Lindsey is a sweet lady too, which makes working with her all the better.  Columbus Wedding Makeup is proud to have Lindsey on our team! 
Here are some of her highlighted photos from this year: 
By Tami Krebs 22 Mar, 2017

I've had several brides this year who have wanted to hear a bit more information about airbrush makeup and how it translates for them on their wedding day.  As a company, we've chosen to exclusively use airbrush makeup.  There's are several reasons for that and I'll address them in this blog.  So hopefully I'll be able to answer your questions and you'll be convinced airbrush is the only way to wear your makeup for your big day!

By Tami Krebs 22 Feb, 2017
Bree & Civon have been together since high school.  And on June 3, 2016 they were brought together in wedded matrimony.  Bree & Civon a beautiful couple that planned a phenomenal wedding.  It beaconed old Hollywood and showed beautiful classic glamour.  Bree wore a stunning  lace dress, her hair swept to the side in long beautiful curls.  At our trial, a few months before, Bree had a photo.  She had a vision. She knew what she wanted.  Luckily I saw that same vision and executed it for her. She was elated and cried once she saw the end result! Her wedding day was filled with her family and best friends.  It was perfect day and I was so glad to be apart of it.  
By Tami Krebs 31 Jan, 2017

In 2015  I received an email from a mother of the bride. Her daughter was getting married in April and was needing makeup services. The artist that was booked couldn't be at the wedding so they were searching.

I showed up at Lauren's apartment for our trial. It was a gorgeous spring day. Lauren seemed very nervous. So I asked if she was alright. She almost started crying. Lauren had a previous makeup trial with another artist. She didn't like the makeup and was extremely nervous and upset to try again. All makeup artist are not created equal.  We all have different aesthetics and styles.   I don't know who the artist was, but Lauren showed me a picture and it was beautifully done makeup. BUT it wasn't Lauren! It was too much and red lips etc. Again gorgeous makeup but not suited for Lauren.  We want you to look and feel like yourself.  

My philosophy is to make my brides look like themselves but at their best. So I did Lauren's makeup how I thought she would look her best!

The next thing that happened surprised me. She started crying again, but this time it was happy tears! She hugged me and couldn't have been happier. This makes what I do worth it. This is why I do it. Seeing that brides eyes so thrilled and so content with her makeup is the best feeling. To make someone pretty is one thing but to make them happy is amazing.

Spreading love and lip gloss!!!



By Tami Krebs 31 Jan, 2017

2016 was a wonderful year, full of beautiful brides with lovely families and bridesmaids.  2017 is booing every day & I'm so excited for this year!  We have some amazing brides from 2016 and I've been so happy to meet and work with so many lovely, young women.

Here are a few:

By Tami Krebs 02 Jan, 2017
This year was a marked year for us. We focused very much on building our portfolio. We would be able to share our work with you all! We worked with a few wonderful photographers and some phenomenal vendors to create a few mind-blowing styled shoots.  If you ever need inspiration look no further.  Our canoe shoot and our colorful shoot were two opposite ends of the spectrum that feature the best of the best of all those who participated.  Here are only a few of my favorite shots.  Honestly I just pick images because literally every single image I am over the moon for.  Our Canoe Styled photos are done by Forget Me Knot Photography & the Colorful Shoot are done by Ashley D Photography .  
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